What is Bioremediation?

oil spillBioremediation refers to the use of microbes such as bacteria to clean soil,  water and other materials which have been contaminated by hydrocarbons e.g. oil spills.  These microbes are naturally-occurring organisms which degrade the hydrocarbons into harmless molecules.  In some instances additional microbes are added which break down the molecules further in a process called bioaugmentation.

How Does HydroEater Work?

HydroEater is a bioremediation product that was designed specifically to break down hydrocarbon polluted soil.  We also have bioremediation products which have been developed for applications in waste water, sewage and the agricultural sector.

HydroEater not only breaks down the hydrocarbon polluted soil but activates the natural bacteria of the specific area to help with the bioremediation process.  This helps to restore the land faster to the original state. This unique bioremediation solution enhances the natural biological process to aid in the degradation of various hydrocarbon pollutants found in soil, to ensure a non-toxic end product, thus improving the environment.

HydroEater consists of various bacterial strains formulated to effectively degrade both aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

HydroEater can provide a cost-efficient way in bioremediation projects to restore the contaminated areas back as close as possible to its original natural state.

HydroEater has proven itself against competing products available and has demonstrated that it takes less time, and uses less product to reach the completion of the bioremediation process.