What is SorbEater?

SorbEater is a synthetic super-absorbent with the highest oil recovery ratio of ANY known absorbent material resulting in less product required and less product to dispose of.

This provides significant savings on the costly disposal fees associated with hazardous waste.

It is highly effective on fresh water, soil, sand and sea.  During development it outperformed the traditional organic peat products in every test.

Ideal for:  Any hydrocarbon spills or contamination.   It has been used successfully with Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Crude, Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Solvents, Paints, Resins, Blood, Molasses, Edible Oils, Certain Acid, Brake Fluid,Transformer Oils and Hydraulic Fluid.


oil spillThe only product that will float endlessly on water allowing applicators to deal effectively with all water borne spills and many unique problem areas, bilges, separation tanks, swamps, grease traps and more…

The Environmental Choice

SorbEater is an environmentally-friendly product as it is produced by using of 85% recycled (inert) material.  This material was originally destined for land fill.


oil spillSorbEater is the result of a passion to clean up the environment, preserving our water and playing our part in cleaning up the environmental mess that we have all created for future generations.  The destruction of wetland habitats and forests to mine organic absorbents by unscrupulous traders is one of the reasons SorbEater was developed.

Development of SorbEater Synthetic Oil Sorbent started in early 2011 when a need in the market was identified for a synthetic oil absorbent. The market was calling for a cost-effective, locally manufactured product that could compete with non-renewable resources of peat being mined in Canada, Europe and a few other parts of the world.

The destructive practice of mining peat is not sustainable. Peat Bogs are wetland habitats that store enormous amounts of the world’s carbon, mitigating climate change. When mined carbon is released back into the environment and all future benefit from the peat bog is lost. Countries in Europe are spending vast sums of money trying to rehabilitate and protect peat bogs.

SorbEater Vs Peat Moss

During tests it was proven that not only could SorbEater compete with organic products,but it outperformed in every test during it’s development.  The test results revealed that SorbEater has more than double the comparative absorption and it’s hydrophobic properties were far superior allowing SorbEater to float endlessly on water.  This is a highly desirable quality when dealing with water-based spills.   In additional peat moss is a non-sustainable which can take thousands of years to develop.  It helps to store carbon and therefore using peat moss is contributing to rising carbon levels in the atmosphere.