What is HydroEater?

logoHydroEater is a bioremediation product that was designed specifically to break down hydrocarbon polluted soil.

HydroEater not only breaks down the hydrocarbon polluted soil but it also activates the natural bacteria of the specific area to help with the bioremediation process.  It restores the land faster to the original non-toxic state.

HydroEater is cost efficient, time saving and can handle ppm levels up to 40,000. Therefore it overcomes any concerns the bacteria dose will not be sufficient or strong enough and it avoids the need to double up on the product which is the usual approach taken with less effective bacterial strains.


Applications for HydroEater

oil spill on landHydroEater is ideal for treating:-

1. Brownfield land sites and contaminated land.  It can be used in-situ i.e. this is where you treat the contaminated soil on site or ex-situ i.e. where you have to remove the contaminated soil and place on bio pads or Bio Piles to treat. These are the two most prevalent methods of bioremediation due to ease of application, cost efficiency and security on site.

2. Bio Slurping and Dewatering applications

3. Transformer Station spill clean-up   

4. Refinery, Terminal, Upstream Production, Hazardous Waste Operators and Power plants

5. Drilling Mud treatment in conjunction with Sludge thickeners / solidifiers to provide a combined Hydrocarbon remediator and thickening solution on site.

6. Sludge Pits


Development of HydroEater