Fast, Effective Bioremediation Products Ideal for hydrocarbons, fat, grease & other contaminants Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly For use on soil, water & other materials

oil spill on landHydroEater – Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons

Welcome to the HydroEater Bioremediation website which is an operating division of Skyhawk Global Ltd.

We provide specific products and technical services for bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated land, water and other applications such as storage tanks where a micro-bacterial solution is the optimum choice.

Our products have all been developed for specific purposes and include HydroEater, FOGEater, SorbEater and TankEater.


Benefits of Using HydroEater for Bioremediation

bioremediation microbesSave Time & Money

HydroEater is a unique bioremediation product which uses a specially developed bacterial strain which is proven to break down hydrocarbons faster and more effectively than other bioremediation products.  > click here to read more

Highly Effective

Independent research shows that HydroEater can handle ppm levels up to 40000.  Many other products require a doubling of strength and therefore an increase cost to deal with heavy contamination.  HydroEater is more effective and therefore works out more cost effective in these situations.  >read more about our research

Peace of Mind

HydroEater is very effective therefore alleviating concerns that the bacterial concentration will not be effective.  If you need the job done quickly and effectively then HydroEater is the best choice.

Fast Working

Our case studies have proven that HydroEater has broke down the hydrocarbon levels on some bioremediation sites within 15 days by 90%.


Other Bioremediation Products

We have a range of  highly effective bioremediation products which are specifically formulated to work in different conditions and to break down various contaminants such as oil, fat, grease and other hydrocarbons.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our products and how we can help you.   Our specialist team at Skyhawk Global provide specialist bioremediation advice and technical support to all our clients.

oil spill

Ideal for hydrocarbon contamination of soil contamination. Proven to be quicker and more effective than other bacteria strains.

grease trap

Ideal for breaking down fat, oil and grease in a wide variety of situations including water. Available as a liquid, powder or solid.

oil spill

This is a a synthetic super-absorbent with the highest oil recovery ratio of ANY known absorbent material. Ideal for hydrocarbons.

storage tanks

Designed to breakdown hydrocarbon sludge in Storage Tanks, Vessels and Separator pits. Achieves a 70 to 90% reduction in hydrocarbon sludge.